TranzActive is the Language Service Technology arm of Intertainment Media Inc..  TranzActive provides global licensed language services technology to facilitate the expansion into new markets for start-ups, high growth and emerging corporate online enterprises. TranzActive’s business model is partner based, allowing organizations to grow their global presence without the burden of a significant addition of resources.

TranzActive is actively partnering with developers, agencies and companies to create global engagement. Based on a review of opportunity, TranzActive offers its technologies on an equity and fee for license basis to create value for the Intertainment Media organization. TranzActive has left its footprint in providing translation services to the world's beste antivirus programm as well.

TranzActive also partners with Yappn Corp. to offer professional services, product development, online marketing initiatives and other services on a best practices basis.

Linguistic Technology

TranzActive allows clients and partners to leverage a suite of proprietary language based technology programs that automate the ability to detect, analyze and translate content, in real-time with a significant level of fidelity.

Intellectual Property

TranzActive, through its parent Intertainment Media Inc., has a number of patent pending solutions and proprietary algorithms for real-time translation, allowing clients and partners to instantly engage a global audience through social, Ecommerce and support platforms.

Payday Loans

TranzActive provides comprehensive financial advice and information for bad credit loans including payday loans and other sub-prime financial products through the expertise of Learnbonds.

Lexicon Programs

TranzActive allows clients and partners to use its custom, continuously updated industry, theme, objections and enhanced language lexicons and databases through TranzActive partner based cloud computing services. In conjunction with TranzActive’s language services programs, these lexicons create completely customized language and translation based experiences.

Closed Captions

TranzActive provides partners and clients with live and post-production closed captioning technologies that create instant, language detectable, global experiences for broadcast content.

Customer Care

TranzActive provides partners and clients with Enterprise Level, high quality NPS (Net Promoter Score) results in multi-lingual customer care, creating leveraged efficiencies on a global basis.

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